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SNoRE started as an EYFA project in 1992 with the aim to show practica ble examples of renewable energy systems, especially aiming at Central and Eastern Europe. Since December 1993 it is an independentfoundation.

SNORE was present at many Ecotopia's, where several renewable energysystems were installed.

In 1994 SNORE sta rted the Sustainable Energy Tour (SET), amobile exhibition on a 12 meter truck and trailer, filled with fotos, explanatory texts and demonstration models of renewable energy systems. The SET follows the Walk Across Europe for a Nuclear Free World, an anti-nuclear march from Brussels to Moscow from January till October 1995.

SNORE also promotes and teaches the usage of electronic mail. In cooperation with the many APC hosts, SNORE has been involved in starting up e-mail systems for NGO's in Greece, Bulgaria, Albania and other countires.

Overview of Activities

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Support Network on Renewable Energy (SNoRE)
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The Netherlands
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